What Are The Side Effects of Warts & The Treatment Options Available

What are warts and how do they spread?

Warts are non-cancerous skin growths caused by infection of the human papillomavirus (HPV). There are more than 100 types of HPV, but only a few of them cause warts.

HPV can be transmitted from one person to another either by direct contact or indirectly such as by walking barefoot in public places, such as gyms and shower floors or by sexual contact.

How many types of warts are there?

There are 6 types of warts:

Common warts:

These types of warts are often round, with a bumpy surface and grow on the fingers, toes, elbows, knees, and sometimes the face. People say this type of wart looks like a tiny cauliflower because it has a lumpy, rough surface. They tend to be greyish in colour, and you may see dark specks that are very small, clotted blood vessels.

Plantar warts: 

Plantar warts will appear on the bottom (sole) of the foot. They are flattened by the pressure of standing on them and can be dotted with tiny, clotted blood vessels that look like dark pinpoints. Plantar warts often are painful, especially when they are on a weight-bearing part of the foot. Plantar warts may require vigorous, repeated treatment before they go away.

Genital warts 

These are the most common types of sexually transmitted infection. They tend to look like small, fleshy bumps or growths. The number of warts can vary, and clusters may develop in a formation that resembles a cauliflower. 

Genital warts are usually the same colour as the person’s skin or slightly darker. The bumps may be smooth or rough. They can form inside or around the anus, inside or outside of the vagina, in the cervix, on the penis or scrotum, and anywhere in the groin or thigh area. 

Usually, people affected by genital warts do not have other symptoms. Visit a STD clinic in Kuala Lumpur to check if the wart is a sexually transmitted genital wart.

Filiform warts 

Filiform warts have long, skinny finger-like projections that protrude from the skin are termed “filiform”. These warts are most commonly seen on the face and around the mouth and the eyelids. You can also find them in the underarm area or on the neck.

Flat warts 

These types of warts are flat and smooth. They form in clusters on the face, backs of the hands, arms or legs typically in groups of 20 to 200. 

Flat warts can be skin-coloured or have tones of brown, pink, or yellow. While they are common in kids, they can appear in adults too often as a result of the virus entering through tiny cuts made from shaving the face or legs.

Periungual warts 

Periungual warts occur underneath or around the fingernails or toenails and appear as thickened skin, or they may look like cauliflower. Periungual warts may cause splits in the skin around the nails, which can be very painful.

Treatment options for wart removal

Treatment options for warts depend on the location and type. As the leading men’s health clinic in Kuala Lumpur our doctors will evaluate your symptoms to recommend the best treatment. Wart removal services include:

Cryotherapy (freezing the wart)

Electrosurgery (burning the wart)

Applying medication to kill the wart

Wart laser removal

Electrosurgery or also known as wart laser removal is the preferred method of wart removal at Universal Clinic as it offers immediate removal of warts.

Wart laser removal can cut and coagulate simultaneously without any need for applying pressure. 

This procedure has gained importance since it is easy to perform. Bleeding is minimal and so is downtime. It is practically free of side effects and complications.

Wart laser removal starts from RM 250 and the total cost will depend on the size and number of warts.

Does it hurt to have a wart removed by a doctor?

Before the procedure, the doctor in charge will apply a powerful local anaesthetic cream at the area. 

If pain is still felt, an injection is given around the warts. Our aim here at Universal Clinic is to ensure wart removal services remain seamless and pain free!

Home remedies for warts 

Wart removal is often done by STD clinics in Kuala Lumpur. Some may be shy to visit a doctor especially if they have genital warts and opt for home remedies.

Home remedies can sometimes help reduce the appearance and duration of a breakout. Here are some ideas to help:

Apple cider vinegar- Dilute two parts of apple cider vinegar with one part of water. Soak a cotton ball in this mixture and tape the cotton ball to the affected area for three to four hours.

Duct tape- Wrap the affected area with duct tape and leave it until it falls off.

Tea tree oil- Make a thinner solution of tea tree oil by adding water in it. After diluting it, apply the mixture on the affected part.

Aloe vera- Apply the Aloe vera gel on wart and cover with a bandage.

If wart home remedies do not work after several weeks of treatment, you may need to visit a STD clinic or men’s health clinic in Kuala Lumpur for wart removal services.

Be Gone Wart!

Warts can be an embarrassing topic. They can greatly increase your self-consciousness depending on their location especially if they are plainly visible to other people or affect your genital area.

Universal Clinic wants to rid you of the stress and embarrassment related to warts. The treatments we offer are quick, painless and require no post-treatment downtime.

There is no need to suffer with the physical and social discomfort of warts any longer. Come visit us here for more information about how you can finally be wart free!

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